I thought I had it all.

I was 25 years old and fulfilled every career dream imaginable.

I wrote for a national sports publication (ESPN.com) in college. I led the St. Louis Rams’ content team before my 23rd birthday. I won a Stanley Cup with my hometown team, the Chicago Blackhawks. I worked the 2016 Summer Olympics and Copa America Centenario. My alma mater, Illinois State University, made me the youngest recipient of the College of Business’ Early Career Achievement Award in school history. 

But for the third time in my young life, I was completely burnt out.

There has to be more, right? 

Then, in September 2016, God met me next to a stream in the Rocky Mountains with a bold dream to put my sports career behind and instead leverage my experience for the Kingdom.

“I wonder how I can leverage my skills and passions? Could I start my own consulting business and have the flexibility to move around? For more adventure? For more space? How can I tell stories? How can I use my faith? How can I learn from others? And when do I start?

Even with this new dream in hand, I still knew I had to finish well in my role as Content Manager at U.S. Soccer. I set my sights on the 2018 World Cup. Then, on October 10, 2017, my brilliant plan was spoiled.

For the first time since 1986, the U.S. Men’s National Team failed to qualify for the World Cup. I stood behind our attacking goal as grown men – some of the world’s fiercest competitors – collapsed to the ground in tears. Everything I was working on, including millions of dollars in sponsored content campaigns, was nullified.

Yet in what should have been the darkest moment of my life, I felt immense peace. Less than two months later, I had dinner with a good friend, and within hours, I agreed to leave my job and take on my first contract as Kingdom Collaborative.

That same week, I met my now wife, Sam. In May 2019, we got married in Valpariaso, Indiana. Less than two months later, we moved 1,700 miles across the country to support our dear friends and their church plant, Rhythm Community Church. Man, God is good!

Now that you have heard my story, can I please hear yours?

I am eager to get to know you, your story, and help you however possible.